Course Level 1, the teaching is in Serbian language but textbooks are in English as well as exam.

Course Level 2, the teaching is in Serbian language but textbooks are in English as well as exam.
For specially organized group classes can be held in English or French language, textbooks and exams will remain in English.

In all WSET provider there is a possibility of additional exams, contact us …

The Level in Wines 1 is designed for beginners, the course is fun and directs candidates to
the start vocabulary and the way to taste wines.
The Level 2 in Wine and Spirits is designed for beginners but also includes more
comprehensive study of wine varieties, regions, spirits … this is a very good base for
people from the industry, a course that change you the way you look and the taste the
wines and spirits.

WSET teachers go primarily throughout the WSET education, gain invaluable knowledge
and experience with top trainers and take special exams for teachers to get accreditation.
Diplomas aquired at Belgrade Wine School are issued in London and are valid and
recognized through the world.

There are many professional and personal reasons for the study of wine whether you work in the industry or not. For those looking to make career in wine production, sales, marketing…the WSET certificate can offer incredible incentives in the biography. In addition, many believe that the courses improve their skills, vocabulary and confidence in front of customers. Finally, for those who appreciate wine, formal education can lead to better enjoyment in things they love.

WSET exists more than 45 years and is the most prestigious school in the world for the study of wines and spirits. Every year, more than 60,000 candidates worldwide enroll courses in 19 different languages within more than 600 providers.